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If you are like any guitarist I know, you have about 15 overdrive pedals that aren’t currently on your pedalboard.  I know that I was always buying overdrive pedals in search of my own unique sound.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon this life hack of sorts (let’s call it a tone hack).  This little trick allowed me to turn a pedal that I already had into a completely different pedal.  Let me explain to you what I’m talking about.

Guitar EQ Pedal Boost

Do you remember the Boss GE 7, or any graphic EQ pedal for that matter?

I remember the first time I saw one, and I didn’t really know what I would use it for.  Maybe I could put it at the beginning of my chain and enhance my guitar tone (as if it actually needed it).  I actually thought they were pretty useless until I acquired one in a trade.

I took the pedal home and put it straight on my pedal board and started messing with it, when I had an idea, “what if I use it as a frequency boost?”

You could literally see the light bulb start to shine over my head.  So here is how you can use a graphic eq pedal as the most versatile tone shaping tool in your arsenal.

Transform Your Overdrive Pedal

Don’t have a Tube Screamer, but still need some mid boost in your drive sound?  Boost some mids before your overdrive pedal. Boom! Problem solved.

Using a Tube Screamer, and it’s a little too much midrange for your taste? Cut some mids before your overdrive pedal.  Boom! Problem solved.

Using a high gain distortion, but your low end sounds a little too flubby?  Back down your bass before your overdrive or amp distortion. Boom! Problem solved.

Need more drive on the high notes for solo work?  Boost the highs to create a treble booster before your drive stage.  Boom! Problem solved.

Like the way your overdrive sounds, but you need more gain for a solo?  Keep the EQ flat, and boost the output gain for a linear boost. Boom! Problem solved.

Like the way your overdrive sounds, but you need it to sound different for another part of the song?  Contour your EQ before your overdrive, and switch it on when you want a completely new sound. Boom! Problem Solved.

Changing guitars, and you need to level match or tweak your sound? Dial in the sauce and switch that baby on.  Boom! Problem Solved.

The Power of the Equalizer

This is why a graphic eq is practically the Swiss army knife of pedals.  If you want to replicate someone else’s sound or create a completely new sound of your own, this is a simple way to get started without breaking the bank.

It really allows you to find new life and inspiration in the gear that you already have!

I hope this was helpful in equipping you to find YOUR sound!  If you found this article helpful, please follow Moustache Audio on social media, and take a look at our products here on our website.

At Moustache Audio, we build gear that allows you to dial in something unique to fit your personal playing style.  We want to help you groom your tone, and shape it into the masterpiece that you have always dreamed of.
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