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Moustache Audio was established in 2017, in an effort to end the quest for tone.  Here at Moustache Audio, we have always loved gear, but we felt that most of the gear on the market fails to consider the unique identity of the artists that use them.  We believe that gear is just a tool that lets you bring forth the sound from within yourself. That’s why we set out to create gear that is tweakable, but with simple controls that allow you to find YOUR sound quickly and easily.  

We created Moustache Audio because we wanted to help other people end the same quest for tone on which we had embarked for so long.  We searched for our own sound, both on stage and in the studio. However, many pedals didn’t offer the tonal shaping ability that we desired for the numerous situations and setups that we encountered.  Knowing that there are many other guitarist who are also struggling to find gear that allows them to dial in that perfect tone, we decided to make our gear available to others.

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