Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

Some Acoustic Guitars are Not Good!

It seems like everyone has an acoustic guitar.  When I mean everyone, I don’t mean every guitar player.  I literally mean EVERYONE!

The thing about acoustic guitars is that you get what you pay for.  Cheap guitars usually do not play well or sound very good.

What Makes a Great Acoustic Guitar?

A great guitar should do two things: play well, and sound great!

I have tried guitars that play well, but sound like garbage.  For instance, I have a vintage Lotus acoustic guitar (a cheap Martin 000 copy).  This guitar plays great, but it does not resonate at all. I just use it for campfires or to throw in the back of my car for a jam session.

A great sounding guitar should have an even response, and sound full.  There are guitars that sound muddy, and there are guitars that sound overly bright.

Avoid both of these.

A great guitar sounds full, has a nice bottom end, as well as a nice top end.  Think about the way that guitars sound on your favorite records, and find one that sounds like that.

Great Expensive Brands

Expensive Martins, Taylors, and Gibsons sound great, but not everyone can afford to spend over 2k on an acoustic.  Everyone knows that these brands make quality instruments. It’s a no brainer. If I spend 2k on a guitar, it better be amazing!

Great Cheap Guitar Brands

If you are like me, then I’m sure that you like high quality sound at a fraction of the price.  This is the hardest thing to find in the guitar world, but there is a brand that makes amazing guitars at an affordable price.

Farida Guitars Old Town Series

The Farida Guitars Old Town series were designed by world class luthiers in Lansing Michigan.    They are assembled in China in order to save on production costs. These guitars look like high-end, vintage style acoustics, and sound even better than the original Gibson and Martins that they are modeled after.

Check out this Video to learn more about the Farida Old Town Series, or check out my personal experience below.

My Experience

I saw these guitars at Elderly Instruments, here in lansing, and was a bit skeptical at first.

They guitars looked great, but the price tags threw me off a little bit.  They were priced affordably, with most of them around the $500 mark.

I was extremely interested in them at this point, so I picked one up.  MY JAW DROPPED!

The guitar was comfortable, like extremely comfortable.  The fret work was perfectly smooth all the way down the neck.  The finish looked incredible. The tuners were very high quality, and the finish was beautiful.

The guitar was worth $500 without even hearing the thing.

This particular guitar looked like a vintage J45, but it played better and sounded better than any J45 I had ever played.

The response was even all the way across the guitar.  It sounded full and balanced, not scooped, and not muddy.  It sounded the way that every acoustic on your favorite records sound.

As a recording engineer, I wanted to buy the entire wall of them.


They are perfect for recording, and could be fitted with a pickup system for live use.  These are the only guitars that I had ever experienced such high quality for such a modest price tag.

If you are looking to upgrade to a more serious acoustic guitar, or are looking for a great guitar as a gift for someone else, look no further!  Farida Old Town series are the guitars that you need to buy!

Where to Buy

If you are interested in checking out these guitars, they are sold at Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan, online or in store.  I highly recommend them personally. They come professionally set up by one of the best repair shops in the world.

I hope this was helpful in equipping you to find YOUR sound!  If you found this article helpful, please follow Moustache Audio on social media, and take a look at our products here on our website.


At Moustache Audio, we build gear that allows you to dial in something unique to fit your personal playing style.  We want to help you groom your tone, and shape it into the masterpiece that you have always dreamed of.
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